Unlike mass broadcast 'streaming' content, our online fitness classes provide a live and dynamic experience with 2 way interactivity. Your instructor can hear, see and interactive with you live, allowing them to monitor your form and offer advice, teaching points, adaptions and corrections in real time. Likewise you can see, hear and interact with your instructor. 


Say goodbye to that commute to the gym! Childcare is now a non issue, as you workout in the convenience of your own home! Just woken up? or late in from work with no time to ‘get ready’ to go out for your venue based class? Online fitness allows you to skip the shower and simply rock on up at the press of a button…….your best gym wear and makeup is not required.


Joining us online is very easy with most popular modern internet enabled devices coming with in built microphones and video camera functionality.
Simply book an online class, download ZOOM onto your preferred internet connected device and click on the class link we email you 10 minutes before your class start time.  


Our online classes offer highly competitive prices at £3.50 a class. With no need to commute and/or arrange childcare, online interactive classes offer a cost effective solution for busy people on a budget. We also offer the ability to reschedule your online class up to 8 hours before the start of your booked session via a link in your confirmation email.


Our experienced Beachbody instructor 'Ems' is licenced and insured to deliver online classes in an interactive environment. We utilise the best equipment and technical know how to deliver a rich, vibrant, reliable and high quality audio/visual experience and cap each class at 10 participants to maintain a high quality of instructor monitoring and interactivity.


Whilst it’s true most online participants will join us from the comfort of their living rooms, you are not limited to where you join us from! You can take part in online classes from anywhere you have an adequate internet connection. You can exercise in any room you choose, or even take your wifi connected device outside for additional freedom.


Our online interactive fitness classes are conducted by a live instructor via an online video conferencing application called Zoom. You'll receive the same level of instruction, and real-time feedback as you would at a venue based session.


Zoom is a free online video conferencing application which we use to host our online fitness classes. You can find Zoom download links for your specific device by clicking the link below. You do not need to have an account in order to attend a Zoom meeting.



We offer a variety of online BEACHBODY® LIVE fitness classes including TURBOKICK, CORE DE FORCE, INSANITY, TRANSFORM(STEP) and P90X! We look forward to having you join us soon.


What do our customers think?

Love this! Very easy to set up and a great experience - very interactive, far from just watching a screen. Highly recommend it.
Liz Bernard
It is super easy to get set up to participate in the interactive classes, and they are perfect for exercising in the comfort of your own home. At the same time the system allows you to have a fully immersive experience. Highly recommended!
Jess Matthews
I'm not very good with computers but it was so easy and Ems was able to help me if I needed it. It was a great class and I will definitely use the interactive system again!
Errin Bowes
Amazing fitness experience in your own home and fully professional as you would expect from any class. I literally roll out of bed and sign in. Highly recommend Stemz Interactive
Becky Burris
I was worried it would be too technical for me but it was surprisingly really easy. Was like having Ems in my living room. Really enjoyed it and would do it easy!! big thumbs up from me!
Jodee Davis
I found this very easy to set up. It fits around a busy life. I found you could check your positions in all the exercises to make sure you are doing this correct, as you can see yourself! Would recommend to anyone.
Kelly Carpenter